Seeing is believing.


This was one of the most unique experiences of my life! Before signing up for Bucket, I had never biked more than a couple miles. I had no idea what to expect, I just signed up and went from there. The day of the ride was miserable in terms of weather, but one thing I noticed throughout the whole ride was my ability to stay positive. The rain, getting lost, and a total of 3 flat tires were never enough to make me think of slowing down. The experience of going into something totally foreign, something I expected to be bad at, then actually doing it was extremely fulfilling. Of course, the people around me were incredible! I cannot not them enough for riding along with me, and to Caleb and Caroline, thank you for making this such a seamless event! This ride, though challenging, has made me consider future rides, and I can’t wait to see where else cycling takes me!
— Zach Hellman of Island Lake, Illinois, 2013 participant
The riders were super friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I am SO THANKFUL that I registered for Bucket and look forward to more chances to work/hang out with everyone!!!
— Anonymous 2013 participant



The Bucket 100 was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. I’m sad it’s over already and I definitely can’t wait until next year!
— Anonymous 2012 Participant
Despite being about as ill prepared as one could be for the ride, Bucket 100 was a fantastic experience. The trip was well planned, and everybody I met was very friendly and welcoming. In what seems like so much more than a weekend, you experience a feeling of accomplishment, pretty much every emotion possible, and become close to those who you ride with. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do the trip on a $70 mountain bike from Walmart like I did, but I would certainly recommend Bucket 100 to anyone who is looking to be a part of a very rewarding experience.
— Zack McCormack of Avon, Indiana, 2012 participant
One of the (if not the) greatest experiences of my life.
— Anonymous 2012 Participant

Everyone was awesome at the Bucket 100! I absolutely loved hanging with the other bikers and getting to make new friends. Everything was also very organized and smooth.
— Anonymous 2012 Participant
I love this ride. I wouldn’t have met so many cool people on campus if I hadn’t have done it.
— Caleb Lattimer, 2012 participant, 2013 coordinator
Bucket 100 is one of my favorite rides of the year. The people are great, and the route is great. I’ve ridden across the United States three times. Habitat is where it all started for me, and I can say that Indiana has some of the best cycling in the nation. The traffic is low, the roads are smooth (where there aren’t pot holes), and the terrain is scenic.
— Marcus Thompson of Bossier City, Louisiana, 2011 participant, 2012 coordinator
Got weird. Let’s make it weirder in the future.
— Anonymous 2013 participant