Born from innovation. Sown from seeds of love. Tempered in the fires of time.

The Bucket 100 Bicycle Tour is an annual weekend event through Central Indiana. It was established in 2006 to raise money and awareness for the mission of Habitat for Humanity in the state, as well as form community between the campus chapters at Indiana University and Purdue University. It was created to be a two day ride on the weekend of the IU v Purdue football game – the “Old Oaken Bucket.” Unfortunately, the planners of the event did not take into consideration the near freezing temperatures and the short daylight hours of that time of year. The cyclists almost froze to their pedals on the first two tours. In 2008 it was decided the tour needed better weather and subsequently, each year the ride is scheduled for an autumn weekend in October. 

Thirteen years after the ride's inception the goals are largely the same; although, many people who ride on the “Bucket” have no previous affiliation with Habitat. Riders range in skill level - novices, recreational riders, experienced racers, and everything in between. Training information and rides provide participants with the knowledge and skills to have a safe, enjoyable ride.



Start – West Lafayette, Memorial Mall

Overnight – Danville, West Bridge Church

Finish – Bloomington, IU Memorial Stadium

Participants – ~100

Miles – 130

Elevation Gain –  4000+ ft

Fun level – extreme


> Cycling
> Sleeping
> Eating


> 2 Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles
> Luggage Truck
> Overnight location
> Return bus