Balance a bike right, keep the pedals turning, forget about everything except right now, and there’s no place you can’t ride.
— Life Cycles (film)

If you want to test your quads and mind more than you thought possible AND make some of the best friends of your life, here are some other cycling events for affordable housing.

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure Spring Ride >

Cover Indiana > Dozens of Bucket 100 alumni have participated in this annual week-long tour.

Habitat 500 >

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure >

Bike & Build > 18 Bucket 100 alumni have participated in Bike & Build since 2009, raising over $89,000 for affordable housing across the United States.

Bucket 100 alumni during Cover Indiana in Indianapolis.


Bike & Build Alumni


Laura D. (SUS)


Hailey D. (P2S)


Sephen S. (SC2SC)
Mike D. (SC2SC)


Marcus T. (SUS)
Kristina T. (SUS)
Kane L. (P2S)


Elaina G. (SC2SC)
Kevin G. (SC2SC)
Marcus T. (SC2SC)
Shane F. (ME2SB)
Alex W. (SUS)
Max A. (NC2SD)


Alex R. (Coastal Drift)
Paul R. (NC2SD)
Sam M. (NC2SD)
Evan K. (NC2SD)
Sarah K. (SC2SC)
Mary-Kate L. (SC2SC)
Alan C. (NUS)