Dear Participant,

Getting Started

1. Click on the button above and click on "Register" on the left hand pane.
2. Create an account or log in to FriendsAskingFriends.
3. Set your fundraising goal.
4. Join as a team or individual.
5. Click on "Edit My Page" and write about yourself and the ride.
6. Click on "View My Page" and copy the link in the address bar of your browser.
7. Share the link with those who wish to donate online.

"How much do I need to fundraise?"

Each rider should raise at least $130. Most riders complete the fundraising in less than two weeks.

"Where does the money go?"

All donations will go to either IU or Purdue Habitat Campus Chapter – donor’s choice!

"I don't know how to fundraise."

Don't worry. If this is your first fundraiser ride or your 9th, we want to support you. You can do it, and we believe you can fundraise more than the $130 minimum just as we know you're capable of biking 130 miles.

"I don't like asking for money."

It's not for you. Remember why we are doing this ride and familiarize yourself with the cause. Learn. Your donors may have questions about Habitat. You raise money when you ask. You don't when you don't ask.

"Where do I start?"

List. Make a list of potential donors or outlets for donating. Make a list of friends and family you want to ask - neighbors, people you've gone to church with, classmates, etc. Email, Facebook (general status or individual messages), snail mail - asking them to support you. Many times donors don't have a strong connection to the cause, and they give money simply because they want to support YOU.

Decide. Once you have the names down, decide how much you’ll ask for from each potential donor.
Think about how affluent they are, how close they are to the cause (have they ever volunteered or donated to Habitat for Humanity?), how widely they contribute to charity, whether they will be excited by your bicycle tour, and – yes – how much influence you carry with them.


Above is a chart of what our donors gave over the last several years. The mode donation was $50, the median was $30, and the mean was $70. Excluding the top ten donation amounts, the mean becomes $50. We've had 552 donations from 2007-2013.


Use our template, but try to personalize your letters as much as possible. The first paragraph (or at least the first line) of each letter that you write should be unique. Open with a personal remark such as, “It was great seeing you at the…” or, “Knowing that you’re an avid cyclist, I hope that you’ll be excited about my plans for this October.” Be sure to address your letters to a specific name such as “Dear John” or “Dear Aunt Hilda.” Never – NEVER! – begin a letter with “Dear Friend” or “Dear Friends.” A stock greeting like “Dear Friend” is cold and impersonal and will result in smaller donations.

"How do people donate?"

They can donate online or send a check to the Habitat office as described in the template. Sign up on FriendsAskingFriends to make it easy for your donors. When they donate, remember to send them a thank you note. If you sent them a letter, reply with a snail mail thank you. If they donated as a result of an email or Facebook status, thanking them via email or Facebook is appropriate, but a hand-written thank you will always be best. Thank them and they may be more likely to donate when you ride again next year!

"What if I don't raise the $130 minimum?"

You will not be allowed to ride.