Engineered by students.

Riders will begin the morning of Saturday at the Lafayette Habitat office. They will depart Purdue for a two day, 130 mile journey that will culminate at Indiana University on Sunday. Along the way, the group will overnight in a school in Danville, riding 65 miles per day. The school has showers on site. There are two large areas made available to participants - the gym and the cafeteria. Typically, riders who wish to turn in early sleep in the gym, while those who wish to hang out a bit, do so in the cafeteria. Habitat will provide breakfast and dinner on Saturday as well as breakfast on Sunday. Cyclists will be supported by two Support and Gear (SAG) vans that will be available to provide first aid, assistance with flat tires and minor mechanical issues, refreshments, water, etc.  Their overnight belongings will also be transported in a SAG van.




> Meet at the Lafayette Habitat Office
> 8am Registration
> 9am Let's ride bikes!
> Eat lunch on the road
> Ride some more
> Arrive at West Bridge Church (doors unlocked at noon)
> Shower
> Dinner (provided)
> Chill out


> Wake up
> Breakfast (provided)
> Ride again!
> Eat lunch on the road
> Ride some more
> Arrive at IU Memorial Stadium
> Celebrate!
> Bus back to start location