Make the pain familiar.

Okay, so you should stop cycling immediately and see a professional bike fitter or your doctor if you're having pain.

Pain aside, there is a wealth of information available on the Internet, but be aware of misinformation as well. We recommend the YouTube videos from Global Cycling Network. They have great information for beginners as well as the advanced. 

There are many books on cycling: repair, core training, nutrition, long-distance, and on and on. These would be overkill for this ride. We encourage you to talk to your cycling friends, your local club, and your local bike shop. They will be happy to help.

Goals are the difference between exercise and training.

"How do I prepare for 130 miles on a bicycle?"

You can go to the gym on a trainer, you can run or swim, but nothing prepares you for riding a bike like riding a bike. Yes, running and swimming will improve your cardiovascular system, but riding your bike gives you experience in traffic, navigation, resource management, and other things not necessarily related to your quadriceps. Some could argue cycling is 80% mental and 20% physical. It is important to manage your expectations. As the great Morpheus once said, "Free your mind." The Bucket 100 is neither an easy event nor is it impossible. It is incredibly fun, but you should train for it. We believe that with a bit of training anyone can complete the Bucket 100. We ask that you complete 80 miles before the event with one ride being at least 30 miles. Participants have completed the Bucket 100 with zero training miles, but many of them wish they had and you will be much, much more comfortable with the event if you train.

We have training rides on Purdue's campus that will help prepare you for the ride. Experienced cyclists will be on these rides and will show you the ropes if you are new to cycling. Don't be afraid to ask questions about shifting, the brakes, or any other operation of your bicycle. Register today to join the training rides.

Other Rides

If you want to test your quads and mind more than you thought possible AND make some of the best friends of your life, here are some other cycling events for affordable housing.

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure Spring Ride >

Cover Indiana > Dozens of Bucket 100 alumni have participated in this annual week-long tour.

Habitat 500 >

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure >

Bike & Build > 18 Bucket 100 alumni have participated in Bike & Build since 2009, raising over $89,000 for affordable housing across the United States.

Bucket 100 alumni during Cover Indiana in Indianapolis.


Bike & Build Alumni


Laura D. (SUS)


Hailey D. (P2S)


Sephen S. (SC2SC)
Mike D. (SC2SC)


Marcus T. (SUS)
Kristina T. (SUS)
Kane L. (P2S)


Elaina G. (SC2SC)
Kevin G. (SC2SC)
Marcus T. (SC2SC)
Shane F. (ME2SB)
Alex W. (SUS)
Max A. (NC2SD)


Alex R. (Coastal Drift)
Paul R. (NC2SD)
Sam M. (NC2SD)
Evan K. (NC2SD)
Sarah K. (SC2SC)
Mary-Kate L. (SC2SC)
Alan C. (NUS)

Balance a bike right, keep the pedals turning, forget about everything except right now, and there’s no place you can’t ride.
— Life Cycles (film)

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